Tours & Lectures

lighthouse celebrationInspired by The Lighthouse Preservation Society, American Lighthouses: A Definitive Guide, is the best overall travel resource to America’s lighthouses, and is now offered on our web site

The Lighthouse Preservation Society offers a variety of services in the area of tours and lectures.   For years, we’ve offered free guides to New England’s lighthouses at information centers throughout the Northeast.  These can now be seen and downloaded online. >>see guides

In addition, if you own or know of an information kiosk or brochure rack, where these brochures would be well received, you can order these guides by state (Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut) by calling us at 1-800-727BEAM.

If you’re interested in a guided tour for large or small groups, we can host groups of 10 or more people on an assortment of regional lighthouse trips, which includes bus transportation, boat trips, and meals. >>tours

If you’re looking for an interesting time of viewing beautiful lighthouse photos, while listening to fascinating lighthouse stories for your school or club, try booking our slide show/lecture entitled “On the Lighthouse Trail”. >>lectures 

And finally, for those who want to get a good idea of the scope of American lighthouses, and how to get to them, order our book, American Lighthouses:  A Definitive Guide.