Lighthouse Testimonials
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The Lighthouse Preservation Society donated hundreds of hours of research, having been appointed to an Academy of Sciences committee that was set up to study what to do with the endangered Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. In what was called the "Move of the Century", it was transported to safety, several hundred yards back from the eroding coastline that threatened to topple it.

“I am writing on behalf of The Lighthouse Preservation Society to recommend them as partners in the efforts to restore lighthouses throughout the country.  The Lighthouse Preservation Society was instrumental in obtaining over one hundred thousand dollars in federal grant funding for the restoration of the North Tower at the Cape Ann Light Station on Thacher Island, Massachusetts.  I worked with The Lighthouse Preservation Society in a professional capacity as an architect during the historic facilities survey, restoration planning, and grant application phases of the project and I found them to be both knowledgeable and thorough in their approach to the task."   
– George Fisher, Pres.

Thacher Island Association

“Throughout our study process, we received much help from The Lighthouse Preservation Society.  This included advice on how to coordinate with the United States Coast Guard, information on the acquisition and preservation of artifacts, and assistance seeking funding from the federal government.  This cooperative effort with The Lighthouse Preservation Society resulted in approximately $100,000 in federal assistance for the preservation of the exterior of the Portland Head Lighthouse.” 
- Michael McGovern, Town Mangager,
Cape Elizabeth, Maine

“The Lighthouse Preservation Society has led our community in the restoration of an abandoned lighthouse on Ten Pound Island.  The Society has worked closely with city, state, corporate, Coast Guard, and private individuals to restore the remaining structures on the island over the course of several years.  Our community is greatly indebted to the selfless efforts of The Lighthouse Preservation Society in preserving an important part of our maritime heritage.  I heartily endorse their efforts on behalf of lighthouses everywhere.” 
- Bruce Tobey, Mayor,
Gloucester, Massachusetts    

 “The Lighthouse Preservation Society was the crucial factor in our development of the Keeper’s House Inn:  they came up with the concept, made contact with the previous owner, initiated negotiations for the purchase and assisted with early media contacts to promote the newly-launched venture.”           
-  Jeff Burke, Owner
, The Keeper’s House Inn,
Isle au Haut, Maine

“Several years ago, the Outer Banks Lighthouse Society needed help in getting the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse added to the most endangered list of historic monuments.  The World Monument Watch Committee took our application because The Lighthouse Preservation Society backed our sponsorship.  Over the years, we have had positive, satisfactory dealings with The Lighthouse Preservation Society.” 
-  Bruce Roberts, Founder,
Outer Banks Lighthouse Society