Slide Show Lectures

lighthouse celebration

A professional slide show/lecture
about America’s lighthouses

Everyone loves lighthouses.  A great deal of media attention has focused on these important maritime structures in recent years.  With automation and severe budge cutbacks threatening many lighthouse sites with neglect, the future of America’s lighthouses is in question.  At the forefront of national concern of this subject is The Lighthouse Preservation Society, a nonprofit organization whose successful efforts to preserve and document our country’s lighthouse heritage, has earned it a Presidential Achievement Award from the Federal Government. 

To help with public awareness, the society’s president and founder, James Hyland, has prepared a professional slide show/lecture for clubs and schools who are interested in learning more about the fascinating history of lighthouses.  If your club or school schedules “On the Lighthouse Trail”, you’ll experience an enjoyable and thought-provoking time that won’t soon be forgotten.  Just listen to what others have said of this program:

“The photography was spectacular and the commentary most interesting.”
-Old Colony Historical Society

“Dozens of members complimented me on my good choice in having such an interesting speaker with an out-of-the-ordinary topic.”
-Brockton Rotary Club

James Hyland’s program on America’s lighthouses is visual confirmation of the importance of these artifacts to American culture.”
-  American Culture Association.

phone: 603-740-0055
Author and photographer, James Hyland, will meet your group at your club, school, library, church, restaurant, hotel, or other public venue.  
$200 per show (plus travel expenses, if outside of New England)