lighthouse celebrationThe Lighthouse Preservation Society coordinated 70 coastal lighthouse celebrations for National Lighthouse Day, which it successfully lobbied through Congress

In its over 25 years of existence, The Lighthouse Preservation Society has provided a wide variety of services on behalf of our nation’s lighthouses, which has led to our being honored with a Presidential Achievement Award from the federal government for our efforts to preserve America’s lighthouse heritage.  A summary of our services include:

  • National Register nomination assistance
  • Providing lighthouse appraisals
  • Local, private, and public fundraising assistance
  • Information on available Federal funds
  • Technical assistance to states, municipalities, and nonprofits
  • Advocacy within Coast Guard, Congress, and state agencies
  • Informing communities of local lighthouse availability
  • Lighthouse lectures, slide shows, and exhibitions
  • Publication of lighthouse books and calendars
  • Providing lighthouse tours
  • Providing free lighthouse guide brochures
  • Coordination of cooperative lighthouse advocacy
  • Assistance in preservation easements
  • Listings of privately-owned lighthouses for sale
  • Referrals of preservation architects and contractors
  • Gathering of historical materials
  • Locating lighthouse lenses and assistance in relighting towers
  • Assistance in securing lighthouse press coverage
  • Providing a communications network
  • Assisting with planning grants, seed funds, and catalyst funding
  • Providing information on programmatic uses of lighthouses
  • Manufacturing of historic lighthouse replica replacement parts
  • Providing lighthouse-related items for sale
  • Consultant to the U.S Postal Service for the lighthouse stamp series
  • Consultant to Hollywood for scenes involving lighthouses
  • Consultant to the Academy of Sciences for the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse move
  • Providing ideas for lighthouse celebration