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The Portland Breakwater Light in Portland, Maine was restored through the joint efforts of The Lighthouse Preservation Society and the South Portland/Cape Elizabeth Rotary Club. The Society approached the Rotary Club to see if they would take on the light's restoration as a service project. They agreed, and began raising funds locally, which were then matched with a federal grant that the Society successfully wrote.

The Lighthouse Preservation Society wishes to invite you to join us in our important work to rescue America’s endangered lighthouses.  We are the recipient of a Presidential Achievement Award from the federal government for our effective efforts to save America’s lighthouses.  When you join, you’ll receive one of our gift items, and can request our catalog, lighthouse guides, and other publications.  You’ll also have the satisfaction of supporting the preservation of America’s lighthouses.  Together, with your help, we can “keep the lights shining”!

Membership Information

Membership dues are tax deductible to the extent authorized by the law. Each membership rank category receives our lighthouse newsletter, window decal, membership card, and a corresponding gift item. Gift items can be purchased separately, click here for more details.

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Rank Category Dues Gift
Cadet (Student under 18) $25.00 Lighthouse book (for young people)
Assistant Keeper $40.00 Notecards
Keeper $65.00 Poster
Inspector $100.00 Beach Towel
Superintendent $500.00 American Lighthouses (a guide book)
Commissioner $1000.00 America’s Lighthouses (history book)