introductionThe Lighthouse Preservation Society spearheaded the $3 million Lighthouse Bicentennial Fund through Congress that helped over 160 lighthouse projects around the nation. There were so many successful projects that came out of this innovative program that the Society was awarded a Presidential Achievement Award from the Federal Government. As just one example, pictured here is the Key West Lighthouse restoration, which was able to raise ten times the federal matching grant, and complete their museum."

introductionLike our nation's lighthouses, many of America's historic lifesaving stations are also endangered. The Lighthouse Preservation Society paid for a thematic nomination of all of Maine's historic lifesaving stations to the National Register of Historic Places.

The Lighthouse Preservation Society is the nonprofit organization that has made lighthouse preservation a national issue with Congressional hearings, conferences, the sponsorship of National Lighthouse Day and its celebrations, the nomination of 25 U.S. lighthouse stamps, and the raising of nearly $6 million for over 160 lighthouse projects. This prestigious group is also the recipient of a Presidential Achievement Award from the federal government for its efforts to preserve our lighthouse heritage. Specifically, the Society’s accomplishments include:

  • Proposed and passed a Congressional $3 million Lighthouse Bicentennial Fund that provided matching grants for over 160 lighthouse restoration projects.
  • Lobbied successfully for a Congressional hearing on lighthouse issues.
  • Persuaded Congress to mandate a U.S. Coast Guard review of lighthouse management issues, which led to numerous policy changes.
  • Had Congress proclaim National Lighthouse Day in celebration of America’s Lighthouse Bicentennial & created exhibits for the Senate and House Rotundas.
  • Nominated 25 U.S. lighthouse postal stamps in 1990, 1995, 2003 2007, & 2009.
  • Received the prestigious Presidential Achievement Award from the federal government in 1992.
  • Hosted 3 National Lighthouse Conferences in Washington, D.C., which led to the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000.
  • Initiated and funded the study to create the National Lighthouse Museum at Staten Island, New York.
  • Proposed and passed a Massachusetts $2 million lighthouse grants program through the state legislature.
  • Created an incentive program which led to the nomination of 124 lighthouses to the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Funded a thematic National Register nomination for Maine’s Lifesaving Stations.
  • Provided technical and advocacy support to dozens of local lighthouse groups.
  • Coordinated 70 coastal lighthouse celebrations for the Lighthouse Bicentennial.
  • Invented the acclaimed “Dine at the Top of the Lighthouse” fundraising program.
  • Isle au Haut Lighthouse (now The Keeper’s House inn).
  • Thacher Island North Tower (restored and relit).
  • Monomoy Point Light (now used for wildlife tours).
  • Ten Pound Island Light (restored and relit).
  • Portland Breakwater Light (restored and relit).
  • Newburyport Front and Rear Range Lights (currently being restored).
  • Roanoke River Light (purchased, moved, and transferred to the State of NC).